Best Affordable Travel Destinations for an Unforgettable Luxury Trip

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Affordable Travel Destinations 2019For most of us, finding the right affordable travel destinations is the difference between being able to do what you want or having to scale back your trip.  In fact, if the location you want to visit is too pricey, you may even have to delay your vacation altogether.

Finding the Best Affordable Travel Destinations for Your Trip

Of course, there’s a difference between finding any affordable travel destinations and being able to live in luxury while you’re away.  If you are willing to do everything on the cheap and give up any amenities at all, you can travel virtually anywhere in the world and go camping or stay in hostels to save money.

That said, when you want to do something exceptionally luxurious so you can rest and relax while you take in a new part of the world, you need to find the very best affordable travel destinations for that reason. To help you choose the ideal location to head away this year, here is a great list of the most affordable travel destinations you can check out for adventure, luxury, and everything else you want from your trip.


Mexico is a very easy top favorite for affordability, luxury, food, culture and more.  With the current strength of the American dollar, this affordable travel destination will help you to stretch your vacation budget farther than you ever thought was possible.  Even if you’d usually stay at a budget hotel, you’ll be able to find yourself at a luxury villa rental right next to the beach.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to live the high life and even have two of your daily meals prepared by a private chef, get ready to discover that you can afford it.


If you’ve already been to Mexico several times, then it’s time to turn around and head to our neighbor to the north, instead! Canada is a very affordable travel destination as well.  Again, the strong dollar helps to make things much easier at the moment.  Get ready to be able to upgrade practically everything with the advantage the current exchange rate provides.

Whether you drive or fly across the border, you can get a great deal.  Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax are all top choices for American travelers.  That said, there is a huge and beautiful country for you to explore.  All you need to do is decide on the type of trip you want to have – an outdoor adventure, a cultural exploration, or even a historical trip through time – and this country will provide.


If you want a unique trip that is affordable and takes you off the North American continent, consider Vietnam! Even if you stayed at the most expensive luxury hotel in the country – the Sofitel Legend Metropole – you’d be spending under $300 per night.  That said, you can still find luxury at a lower cost without any problem at all.  It will be a trip to remember, for certain!

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