Effectiveness of Alli Weight Loss Aid

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alli for weight lossAlli is a reduced strength version of a prescription pill called orlistat. It works in conjunction with low calorie diet and exercise. It does in fact prove to have weight loss effectiveness. There are a few side effects that while they have not been linked to alli they are something to look out for. Alli is a weight loss aid that is intended for overweight to obese adults that are over the age of 18.

When you are eating right and exercising sometimes you may hit a plateau. When that happens many people turn to Alli. With the effectiveness of Alli weight loss aid and their diet and exercise they are able to drop an extra 6 pounds per month. While it is modest, it is effective. Users are very happy with their results.

Alli works by decreasing the amount of fat in the intestines, and also decreasing the absorption of fat. Alli helps break down dietary fat found in the digestive tract. When taking Alli, you use it by taking it with your most fattening meal. You can take Alli up to three times daily. Since Alli works with breaking down fat, it is advised that you do not consume more than 15 grams of fat per meal.

There are some things to look out for when taking Alli. Though it has not been directly linked to Alli, users have had some liver damage. So they say to look out for itching of the skin and urine. Look out for discolored urine, as in dark or brown. Check for yellowing of the eyes and skin (jaundice), and loss of appetite. Keep watch for these symptoms, stop taking Alli if these occur, and call your doctor.

When you diet and exercise sometimes you need a little extra nudge without going to extremes. Alli does not typically carry many side effects and is a non addictive pill, so it is one of the safest pills on the market. Since you do not need a prescription, Alli is over the counter. Actually you can find Alli at most retailers as well as online at places like Amazon. Alli is meant for people over 18 who are overweight only.

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