Healthier Alternatives to White Sugar

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Healthier Alternatives to White SugarWhite sugar is the most commonly used sweetener. It is used in tea, coffee, desserts, and even beverages. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages of using white sugar. In fact, white sugar is the primary cause of obesity.

It also has a significant impact on the teeth, causing tooth decay. The daily recommended dosage of white sugar is supposed to be 11 teaspoonfuls. Consuming even the recommended dose can be harmful for your health. However, people consume double the recommended dose of white sugar on a daily basis on average.

This is why it is important to look for alternatives to white sugar. You not only have to find an alternative but ensure that it is healthy. Let’s look at the top healthy alternatives to white sugar:


This is a popular herb found in South America. Stevia is known to be 300 times sweeter than regular white sugar. This makes it a great option for replacing white sugar. The main reason it is a good alternative is because you do not have to use it in heavy quantities. Since it is very sweet, you will only need to use a small quantity of stevia.


This type of sugar is used in chewing gums. This is a natural sugar, found in a number of fruits and vegetables. The chemical composition of this type of sugar prevents bacteria from growing. Moreover, xylitol is also produced naturally in the human body. This is what makes it a healthier alternative to white sugar. Unfortunately, it proves to be more expensive than white sugar. But this is nonetheless a small price to pay for your health.

Date Sugar

Without a doubt, dates are extremely healthy for the body. They provide a number of nutrients that benefit the body. Date sugar is made from dried dates and is one of the healthiest alternatives to white sugar. The best thing about date sugar is that it is made from dried dates. Therefore, it carries the numerous nutritional benefits of dates. You can thus enjoy sugar as well as nutrients at the same time. Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages of date sugar. For one, it doesn’t melt or dissolve; therefore, you cannot use it in drinks or desserts.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important, and giving up white sugar is the first step toward this end. Giving up white sugar does not mean that you can’t enjoy sweets anymore. You can try the abovementioned, healthier replacements for white sugar.

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