5 Small Diet Changes That Help You Boost Weight Loss

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Boost Weight Loss fastSwelling calories pose a predicament that plagues the life of every overweight individual on this planet. How often do we pledge to shed those absurd pounds as a tradition on every New Year’s Eve, only to stuff up on that oh-to-die-for decadent chocolate cake after a week or two of separation?

Weight loss, without a compromise on health, is a slow and deliberate process, requiring perseverance, an iron will and a few tweaks to your diet. A healthy, balanced diet, supplemented with an elliptical exercise routine is the key to boost weight loss. Here are 5 changes you can incorporate in your diet to boost weight loss:

Fiber Rich Foods: Carbs are the Achilles heel for a dieter. Restricting carbs to less than what you can burn is serving weight loss magic on a silver platter. Stuffing up on fiber rich foods induces a feeling of fullness and curbs the carb cravings. Fiber rich foods take time to digest and your brain construes this as a signal for fullness.

Fiber rich foods satiate our hunger by slowing down the digestion process. Since most fiber is not digested by the human body and is known as a bulky agent, you can eat it as much as you want without setting portions. Whole wheat or rye bread, apples, oatmeal, breakfast cereals and beans are all fiber rich foods.

Water: Water is a hunger suppressor and stocking up on water before meals helps you eat less. At certain times, our bodies can misinterpret thirst for hunger and you may end up overeating. The next time you feel midnight food cravings, drink a glass or two of water and see if they last.
Vegetables with high water content, such as cucumber and zucchini, and fruits, such as watermelon and grapefruit, are highly effective additions to your diet boost weight loss as they are loaded with water and help you maintain a lower body mass index.

Snack on Protein: substitute your mid morning muffin with a snack high in protein such as raw nuts, dry fruits and seeds. Whether it’s a meat or a vegetable protein, such as tofu, a healthy lifestyle dictates that protein should be consumed with every meal to stave off sugar cravings and reduce proportions. Protein keeps you satiated until the next meal.

Never Skip Breakfast: Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and aids your body in burning fat. Whatever diet plan you adopt, make sure a sustainable breakfast is a vital part of it. Not an old carb-loaded fare but a high fiber, protein rich, calorie restricted meal that keeps you satiated for long.

Green Tea: Green tea is the ultimate slimming elixir and should be incorporated in every meal. Green tea is rich in catechins which gets your metabolism into high drive and boosts weight loss. Add a dash of lime to take the taste up a notch and get rid of all the toxins inside the body for a rejuvenated feeling.

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