How to Break a Sugar Addiction Once and For All

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how to break a sugar addictionYou might not realize that it pertains to you until you stop to think about it, and that’s why the need to break a sugar addiction is so very important. Sure many of us consider that we have a “sweet tooth” but the reality is that it can actually harm us if we eat too much sugar. If you find that you have that need for sugar or that you simply can’t resist a sweet treat, then it’s time to get a hold of this addiction. Though this may be overblown in some instances, the truth is that a sugar addiction can really hurt your health and make for some really undesirable eating habits. So it’s time to take control of it before it controls you!

In thinking through how to break a sugar addiction you need to look at what you eat or drink each day so that you can look for the necessary adjustments. For example if you take sugar in your coffee, it’s time to make some changes there. Perhaps a flavored coffee with skim milk will do. Get rid of the coffee drinks that mix far too much syrup or sugary substances with little to no nutritional value. If you drink soda pop or if you keep candy with you at all times then it’s essential to take inventory and get rid of all of these things that are holding you back and making you unhealthy in this way. Don’t let the sugar control you!

Be Ready To Make Changes Where They Really Count

It’s also necessary to start making important substitutions within your diet. If you enjoy a sugary dessert in your daily life then find better alternatives. Try sugar free Jell-O or perhaps a nice fresh fruit salad. Even a refreshing sorbet can be a nice alternative for sugary foods. Get rid of the sugary cereals and go for something that is healthy and balanced like a whole grain cereal. Any opportunity that you can use to break a sugar addiction comes in the way of substitutions and making essential changes to balance out this substance in your life and diet.

One final way to break a sugar addiction is to take a look at everything that you eat that may have hidden sugar. Condiments such as BBQ sauce, ketchup, and even peanut butter may have added sugar that you don’t need. Look for whole and healthier alternatives, even in things such as salad dressing. Sugar isn’t always as obvious and can be hidden in some places so be on the lookout and be willing to make the changes to break this sugary and unhealthy cycle, and allow you to be your healthiest and best!

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