Is Your Workout Burning Calories Effectively?

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Burning Calories Effectively with workoutsA lot of people seem to be running on the assumption that, just because a workout makes you sweat, you’re burning fat and calories and working your way to a slimmer, sexier body. But the truth is that sweating isn’t really a gauge at all for how effective a workout is. In fact, in order to find out if you’re burning calories effectively, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Are You Hungry After You Exercise?
If you feel hungry after you have completed your workout routine for the day, you are definitely on the right track and burning calories effectively. Shortly after, or even immediately following your exercise session, your body will be in need of more nutrients to make up for the cardio or strength building workout that you just accomplished.

A typical workout that is challenging will burn around 200 calories or more, and that is the point at which your body will require more fuel. Enjoy a healthy protein shake, snack, or smoothie after your workout in order to give your body what it needs to repair, build muscles and burn fat.

Are You Feeling the Effects of Your Workout After You’re Done?
Another way to tell if you are burning calories effectively is if your muscles are tired when you are done working out. If they are not all that tired, perhaps you could have actually worked harder, though you definitely need to listen to your body in the moment while you exercise in order to prevent injuries.
Again, just because you are sweating a lot does not mean that you are burning a lot of calories. Instead, you need to feel how your muscles are reacting after the workout. While you do not need to be super sore for a few days after your training session, your muscles should definitely be feeling fatigued.

Are You Hitting Your Target Heart Rate?
Using a heart rate monitor during every workout is smart because it will assist you in varying the intensity of the workout to achieve the biggest calorie burn. Stick with interval training and alternate between 50-70% and 80-90% of your max heart rate. This will increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

By following the tips and strategies above, you can be absolutely certain that your workouts are effective. If you have to, increase the intensity or duration of a workout to make it more effective at burning more calories. This will help you achieve fantastic results that you will want to show off.

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