The Caveman Diet

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caveman diet for weight lossThe caveman diet or Paleolithic diet is a nutritional plan. The idea behind this plan is to mimic the diet of the prehistoric humans. The basis of this diet plan is the presumption that human genetics have not changed significantly since the prehistoric era.

The Caveman Diet revolves around naturally produced food. This includes vegetables, fruits, meat from pasture animals, fish and roots. Individuals who follow this diet avoid eating any type of processed foods. This includes refined salt, sugar, any type of processed dairy products and oils. This diet mirrors the diet of prehistoric hunter-gatherers.

There are quite a few types of the Caveman Diet. There are some which lay out a daily routine and then there are some that are based on a fasting principle. There are even some Paleolithic diet followers who prefer consuming raw meat. Let’s discuss a few types of Paleolithic diet routines:

The Fasting Regimen

The fasting regimen is one of the toughest and extreme diet plans. If follows the principle that prehistoric humans did not consume a daily meal. Since they were hunter-gatherers, they consumed a large meal once and went on for a long time without eating anything.

Considering this, many people consume an exceptionally large meal once a day. This meal consists of the general food items that were available to prehistoric humans. After consuming this exceptionally large meal, they do not eat anything for up to 36 hours.

This Caveman Diet routine definitely has its fair share of advantages. But it may not suit every individual. After all, not everyone can eat a large meal one day and then go on about their daily routine for more than a day without eating. Moreover, this diet presents its challenges in a weight loss regimen where the chief aim is cutting down the calorie intake.

Eating Raw Meat

Another form of Caveman Diet is one where individuals consume raw meat. There are many benefits of eating raw meat. In fact, there are quite a few people who have adapted to this type of diet and have noticed an improvement in their health. Some people even claim that their diseases were cured by eating raw meat.

But in the midst of these advantages there lie some pretty serious disadvantages of eating raw meat. Firstly, when meat is not cooked, you are more vulnerable to bacteria known as salmonella. This bacterium enters your body only if you eat raw meat. In addition to salmonella poisoning, there is a high risk of food poisoning.

Before you begin following the caveman eating regimen, be sure to consult with a physician or nutritionist.

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