The DASH Diet for Weight Loss and Overall Health

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DASH Diet Best for Overall HealthWow, according to US News and World Report the Dash Diet for weight loss and overall health is the best diet for the 4th year in a row. This diet is all the rage and has been for the longest time. There are great points to this diet and any diet that promotes overall health is good to us.

What is the DASH Diet?

The DASH Diet was developed originally to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Since then doctors have recommended it because of its proven effects on preventing several types of cancer along with kidney disease and Type 2 Diabetes. It is essentially a great way to stabilize all body systems.This is in turn great for metabolism and losing weight.
For belly fat the DASH Diet is also phenomenal and for women with PCOS which is post menopausal weight gain. This diet is also special because of its benefits to the whole family. You can change the portion size for those family members that are not having to watch their weight. This is a definite plus and it never leaves you feeling unsatisfied because it has such a diverse set of food from all the food groups.

What is the DASH Diet plan?

The DASH Diet plan is simple. It follows a similar plan as the food pyramid with maybe a few meaningful adjustments. The diet is well-balanced. It tells you to eat between 1200 and 1500 calories depending on your sex, age and weight and you can adjust it for how much weight you want to lose.

The diet consists of one serving of lean protein such as chicken and fish. Four or more servings of fresh vegetables, legumes, seeds and beans. You also need whole grains and cereals. No less than four servings but there is no cap on any of it apart from bread and lean protein. So, as you can see, your choices are numerous and varied. This is the whole point of a balanced diet–so it fosters a balanced system.

For an example of your plate for three meals you can have eggs with whole wheat toast and fruit. You can have dairy but non fat dairy so we are afraid that cheese is kind of out for now. For lunch maybe lowfat yogurt with fruit and nuts or seeds. For dinner a piece of lean grilled chicken with mushrooms and onions and a little red wine sauce sauteed. If you want to skip the meat and eat tofu, you can. Tofu is soybean and if you buy the firm you can coat it with a little breading and grill or pan fry. You can also buy the tofu crumble and it will look and taste like ground meat if you are flavoring it for pasta or even burgers. With dinner be sure to have one serving of starch like rice or a potato and the rest as many vegetables as you want.

The broader purpose of the DASH Diet:

The broader scope is overall health and for the whole family. This is why it is noted as being the best diet for Americans. Coupled of course with a great exercise program this is a diet you can use your entire life.

Recap of the DASH Diet:

This is a 1200 to 3200 calorie plan. Meaning if you don’t have to watch your weight you can eat as many calories as you want–just don’t gain weight of course. You are then just eating a healthful diet. When you are watching your weight you would eat as described above with healthful foods in variations of the examples above but with lesser calories. Once you lose the weight you simply raise the calories and maintain.

The best part of the DASH Diet is you don’t gain it back at the end of it.

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