FTC Cracking Down on Marketers Making Deceptive Weight Loss Claims

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FTC Deceptive Weight Loss ClaimsThere are many weight-loss drugs on the market that promise exceptional weight loss. There is no doubt that many of these weight loss drugs actually work. However, there are some who make deceptive weight loss claims.

Such weight-loss drugs promise excellent weight-loss results in a short period. But when people use these drugs, they do not see the results that were promised. The most concerning aspect is that these weight loss drugs have harmful side-effects. There are promises of a safe weight-loss drug, but in fact they use chemicals that can cause long-term health issues.

The FTC took notice of the deceptive weight loss claims by certain weight-loss drug manufacturers and registered a complaint against Manon Fernet and her company, Freedom Center against Obesity. These marketers, based in Quebec, were promoting weight loss drugs that did not provide the results they promised. They claimed that their weight loss pill, the Double Shot pill, would result in quick and permanent weight loss. They even claimed that one would not need to exercise or even go on a diet. The company, which was in business for about a year, marketed Double Shot in the U.S. using mail advertising. This resulted in a $500,000 settlement that the marketer was required to pay.

One of the claims the company made was that users could eat as much food as they wanted. Moreover, they mentioned that users could consume any type of food they wanted, regardless of the calorie and saturated-fat content. The pill promised to help overweight individuals lose more than 15 pounds on a weekly basis. This claim alone seems unrealistic, but the company went on to assure customers that the weight loss would be lasting.

The FTC mentioned that the claims made by the company were outrageous. They went on to say that such claims and false advertising would not be tolerated. The commission intended to send a strong message to anyone who made such claims.

This was an effort made by the FTC to discourage any company from making claims that create unreasonable hype. Of course, the main issue was that the claims made by the company were not borne out by the weight loss drug they sold. In addition to the fine imposed on the company, they are banned from further endorsing any dietary supplement without sufficient scientific proof and research.

The number of deceptive weight loss claims has significantly increased over the years. There are many companies that have taken advantage of people who are in desperate need of losing weight. However, the FTC crackdown on marketers making such claims sends a strong message to discourage companies from doing so in future.

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