Diet Sodas Weight Loss Study Reveals Shocking Truth

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diet sodas weight gain

Do you believe diet sodas weight loss promises? Well, it turns out that you shouldn’t. While you might think that consuming a diet soda in place of a regular soda is a step in the right direction, research is proving that this is not true. So, even though diet soda manufacturers want you to think that their products are better for you, you need to think twice before buying those beverages.

Continue reading to learn more about diet sodas weight loss studies that have been conducted and reviewed by experts. You might be surprised by some of these findings, but it’s definitely important to be aware of this information if you want to be able to make the best decisions for your health and weight, as well as the health and weight of every member of your family.

What the Studies on Diet Sodas Weight Loss Claims Have Discovered

Though diet sodas weight loss promises may seem like the best option to help you with your diet – after all, it says “diet” right in the name – a growing number of studies are indicating that they aren’t helpful at all in this effort. This has just been underscored by more published research from Purdue University.

In that study, it showed that diet sodas not only don’t help people to lose weight, but they are actually linked to a number of different health problems which range from heart disease to diabetes, and even obesity, just as is the case with their counterparts that are made with actual sugar.

The research on diet sodas weight loss was conducted by psychological sciences professor and behavioral neuroscientist, Susie Swithers. She conducted a review of a number of different studies that examined whether or not drinking diet soft drinks on a long-term basis would lead a person to become more likely to gain weight, overeat, and/or develop additional health issues along the way.

What she discovered was:

  • One large study indicated that people who drank soda that was artificially sweetened were more likely to experience weight gain than people who drank regular soft drinks.
  • Other research indicated that people who drank soda had double the risk of the development of metabolic syndrome, which is sometimes a precursor to cardiovascular disease, than those who did not drink any soda.

Swithers – who is also a member of the Ingestive Behavior Research Center at Purdue, pointed out that the issue shouldn’t be which sodas are better for you, diet or regular, but should instead be “what good are sodas for you in the first place?”.

Another Problem with the Diet Sodas Weight Loss Claim: Artificial Sugars

The studies that were reviewed by Swithers looked into the consumption of soft drinks containing saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame. Approximately 30 percent of American adults consume these sweeteners on a regular basis. And, these artificial sweeteners are yet another reason why you should not trust any diet sodas weight loss claims that you come across.

According to Time, even though artificial sweetener manufacturers want you to think that these ingredients are better for you than natural sugar, especially if you are trying to lose weight, the truth is that they can make you gain, rather than lose, extra pounds. Yikes! But, it doesn’t even stop there.

Here are the basics: researchers were able to analyze nearly 40 studies that have been conducted on artificial sweeteners. They wanted to determine if these ingredients could, indeed, help people manage their weight. In these studies, hundreds of thousands of people were followed for roughly a decade. Also, several of them were randomized controlled trials, which are considered a top method in research.

What did they find? Well, it turns out that these artificial sweeteners don’t seem to help individuals shed excess pounds. Observational studies instead found that consuming these ingredients regularly leads to a greater risk of weight gain and obesity, along with a higher risk of other problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. So, if you are consuming these artificially sweetened diet sodas on a daily basis, you might actually be doing more harm than good to both your health and weight.

Getting the Word Out About Diet Sodas Weight Loss Lies Is Important

Even though the research has been continuing to build over the last quarter century to show that diet soft drinks should not be considered to be a weight loss product, at all, their consumption by Americans throughout that time has continued to grow at a tremendous rate. This, at the same time that obesity has risen from problematic to epidemic.

Swithers is now cautioning people to be careful when they choose diet sodas on a regular basis because their use could end up backfiring and could cause dieters to find themselves with serious long-term health consequences.

Stick with Healthy, Natural Beverages

Rather than consuming diet sodas that contain artificial ingredients, stick with water and other healthy beverages, such as homemade veggie and fruit juices, unsweetened tea, and fruit-infused water for flavor.

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