How to Stay Safe While Exercising with Pokemon Go

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safe when exercising with pokemon goPokemon Go has really become quite the gaming phenomenon, and more and more people are getting the game so that they can head outside and try to find the many characters that are waiting to be captured.

But even though exercising with Pokemon Go by getting outside is a great thing, there are some issues with regards to staying safe while you play. Continue reading to learn how you can stay safe at all times while enjoying the best that the game has to offer.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
As you walk around in search of Pokemon characters on your smartphone, it will be very easy to get distracted. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings and of where you are at all times. You don’t want to go wandering into a dangerous area, onto railroad tracks, or into oncoming traffic.

Don’t Go to Unsafe Areas
If an area is unsafe and you would not go there under normal circumstances, you should not be going there while you are exercising with Pokemon Go either. Be smart about where you travel, whether you are alone or with friends while you play, so that you can ensure your safety.

Don’t Make Yourself Look Distracted or Vulnerable
People who have ill intentions may see you playing Pokemon Go and may realize that you are so immersed in your virtual world that you are not really paying attention to those around you. This could make you vulnerable to attacks from criminals, so, again, always be aware of what is going on around you, and do not allow yourself to become too distracted.

Understand That Not Everyone Knows About Pokemon Go
Even though Pokemon Go is huge right now, there are still a lot of people who may not know much about it. They may have heard about it, but they may not know how it works, or they may not have ever heard of it in the first place. Avoid loitering on someone else’s property as you search for Pokemon characters, as your behavior could be misconstrued and you could make people very angry.

As you can see, there are several dangers that you have to look out for while exercising with Pokemon Go, but if you are aware of what’s going on around you and you stay in safe areas, you can have a lot of fun and get some much-needed physical activity at the same time.

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