How to Stick to a Fitness Routine Without Getting Bored

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stick to a Fitness RoutineWe all know the old cliché which claims if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to eat right and get moderate exercise. This has been repeated so often it sounds like a broken record. You may have started and quit a million diets and hopped on every new workout fad, but haven’t yet found one which works. Let’s forget the eating healthy part for now and concentrate on developing and sticking to a fitness routine which won’t bore you after a week.

Balance is Overrated
Exercise gurus continuously praise a balanced workout plan. Get your cardio and lift weights, is the oft quoted refrain. We suggest getting some exercise, regardless of the type, is exponentially better than trying to get balanced exercise which may bore you so much you end up getting none at all.

Ditch balance for fun when planning your workout scheme and marvel at how closely you follow the new fitness routine.

Spice it Up
Now that we have established fun supersedes other factors when working out, you can add all sorts of ideas to your exercise plan, which routinely fail due to their monotony. This time, add activities you enjoy practicing to your fitness routine. Don’t count on one activity to keep you entertained, as no matter how much pleasure you derive from a particular exercise, it will eventually get boring if you are continuously repeating it. For instance, if you enjoy basketball, plan to play it once a week. Scheduling basketball three days a week might get boring by the time you hit the third month so add variety to your routine. What else do you regularly like to do or play? Are you an outdoorsy person? If so, schedule one hike every month (you can ditch your daily exercise on that day).

Make it Social (or Not)
A fitness routine which you can adhere to over the long run has to be all about you. Experts will repeatedly stress the importance of pairing up with an exercise buddy to stay motivated. This may be excellent advice if you an extrovert who loves to hang out with people. If this is the case, it is a fantastic strategy which you should adapt. On the other hand, you may be an introvert. For you, continuously hanging around people may drain your energy. This is absolutely the last thing you want when you are going for a workout as no energy means low motivation. In your case, forget the experts and go with what you are comfortable with.

The secret to developing an exercise scheme you can follow over the long-term is to figure out what you are comfortable with and enjoy the most. Take these factors into account while planning your fitness routine to help you stick to it.

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