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food lovers diet reviewThe Food Lovers Diet is among the most popular diets of 2013 and was originally devised by Fitness Magazine. It is a unique program that provides dieters with five different eating strategies to help to encourage weight loss. Each of these strategies covers a different aspect of weight loss, including meal planning, how to eat, coping with weight loss that is slower than expected, keeping the mind focused, and maintaining a regular activity program.

The Food Lovers Diet program comes with a number of menu planners and interactive tools on the magazine’s website. It also places a considerable focus on understanding realistic and healthy weight loss, as it is very common for dieters to attempt to shed their excess pounds with unrealistic goals or expectations that are far greater than what is possible.

This diet is often seen as a more “real life” program for helping dieters to understand their weight loss as well as how to keep it off once it is gone. It has layers to help to promote an achievable learning curve, as well. It begins with healthy eating guidelines that keep food consumption within a calorie limit. The description of the diet states that if a dieter is consuming fewer than 1,500 calories per day and is exercising each day, then hunger will become a barrier to weight loss as it will eventually lead the dieter to fail. The recipes provided include breakfasts with under 400 calories, lunches with fewer than 500 calories, and dinners smaller than 600 calories, as well as snacks under 100 calories each.

Instead, it claims to use a smarter menu planning technique for longer term success, which recommends combining the right types of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in order to make sure that the body is kept healthy and strong. The main components of a meal on the Food Lovers Diet are vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

Aside from specific instructions for eating and exercising, important elements are keeping up motivation, maintaining focus, and keeping realistic expectations. It recommends both cardiovascular and strength training for its workouts.

According to the claims made by Fitness Magazine about its diet, the average dieter on this program will lose about 5 pounds in the first month. After that point, the additional weight loss will vary, though dieters can lose as much weight as they want in total. It is a slow but steady approach with a long term goal in mind.

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