Food Substitutions That Really Aid Weight Loss

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Food Substitutions for weight lossWhen your eating habits have played a role in your having gained weight in the first place, then you will need to make some changes in that area in order to lose the weight and keep it off. When it comes to your favorite foods, that can feel like quite the sacrifice unless you make the right food substitutions to make up for it.

It is very important to avoid feeling deprived when you follow a weight loss strategy, so learning about food substitutions can be very helpful in letting you enjoy some of the meals and recipes you love the most, without having to take in the original nutritionally empty or high calorie options.

The following are some handy food substitutions to help you to enjoy your favorite meals in a new and healthful way.

Avocado – this highly nutritious fruit can replace any number of different foods that are less nutrient dense or otherwise harmful to your eating strategy. When you mash up a ripe avocado until it is smooth, you can easily use it to replace mayo on a sandwich or in a summer salad. You can also use it as an alternative to cream cheese or sour cream in a dip. It makes a very handy dip base or spread. Just add the seasonings you love.

Plain yogurt – this, on its own, can make a great dip or sandwich spread to replace those that are based on mayo or sour cream. Mix it with spices to dip veggies into it or add it to sauces to thicken them and give them a creamy consistency.

Turkey – this is among the leanest meats you’ll come across, and it just happens to be affordable and readily available. Use it as an alternative to many of your favorite meats by choosing turkey burgers, turkey sausage and turkey bacon. It’s also great in soups, cooked and cut up on salads and sliced in sandwiches.

Water – if you substitute the majority of the beverages you usually drink with a simple glass of water, you’ll be making the simplest choice for slashing hundreds upon hundreds of unnecessary calories out of your day. By choosing water instead of a can of soda, a glass of juice and a sweetened cup of coffee, you’ll have given yourself the chance to slash 138 calories from the pop, 136 calories from the juice, and 51 calories from the coffee with milk and one sugar. That’s 325 calories dropped from your day without having to feel any hungrier because you’ll still be eating the same amount of food.

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