Should You Give Into Your Cravings When Trying to Lose Weight?

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Give Into Your Cravings during weight lossWhen you are trying to lose weight, you are likely to encounter a lot of cravings for the foods that you know will throw your weight loss journey off track. But should you give into your cravings or continue to resist them? Keep reading for a few insights that will help you work with your cravings and control them, rather than letting them control you.

Feed Your Cravings to Stay Sane
Let’s face it, losing weight can make you feel a little crazy at times, so indulging in a craving every once in awhile is a good way to ensure that you will remain sane and happy along the way. The occasional treat will not throw your entire weight loss plan off course, but it will help you feel good, and that is important in continuing to stay motivated. So go ahead and have a bit of wine, some chocolate, or whatever food your body craves, rather than totally eliminating those options from your diet.

Listen to Your Body
Cravings are not always a bad thing; instead, they could be your body’s method for telling you that it needs a specific nutrient or food. If you crave a sweet fruit smoothie, for example, you might be in need of some extra vitamins. Remember, not all cravings are for unhealthy foods, so listen to your body, as it may be telling you that something is missing and the food you are craving could fill the void.

Give Yourself a Treat Every Once in Awhile
No one wants to have to live a life that is devoid of pleasurable foods, and you shouldn’t be in a constant state of denying your mind and body of the treats that make you feel happy and that help balance your moods. So if you give into your cravings every once in awhile, think of it as a reward for your efforts. You have been working hard by sticking to your healthy diet and exercising consistently, after all.

Ultimately, you should not always give into your cravings, especially when you know that they aren’t the result of your body needing a nutrient or when they’re more about temptation for an unhealthy food. However, you should allow yourself to indulge once in awhile. This will ensure that you can maintain a healthy state of balance as you lose weight and stay in shape.

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