4 Harmful Lifting Moves You Should Never Include in Your Routine

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Harmful Lifting Moves to avoidStrength training can be a lot of fun. It’s addicting. But not all moves are created equal. In fact, there are some very common harmful lifting moves that you’d be better off avoiding if you want to prevent becoming injured.

It’s easy to fall into the groove of mimicking the lifts you see in your bodybuilding idols. After all, if the summer Olympics medalists do it, then they must be the right options for reaching their levels, right? The truth is that some of those workouts involve harmful lifting moves that can do detrimental or even irreversible damage to your body.

As there are safer alternatives available, you should talk to your trainer about dumping the following harmful lifting moves starting today. They may seem like a good idea due to the results you’re getting, but the risk really isn’t worth it when there are safer ways to reach the same goals.

Most Harmful Lifting Moves

1. The Dumbbell Fly

Yes, it’s true that this is probably how you started to see a difference in your pecs for the first time, but every time you do it, you’re risking a considerable shoulder injury. It’s not uncommon to experience glenhumeral dislocation or acromioclavicular separation from this move. Switch it out for a dumbbell bench press to get the same kind of pec workout.

2. The Snatch

For one thing, there’s always the chance that you could drop the weight directly onto your head. More commonly, though, you could experience a labrum tear in one or both of your shoulders. For the same results without the injury risk, choose a kettlebell swing instead.

3. The Good Morning

You’ve likely been doing this one to give your lower back and hamstrings a massive workout. That said, it’s also perfectly positioned to give you a serious spinal injury. This could leave you healing for months, permanently paralyzed or could even be fatal. If you’ve been doing this move, stop. Roman deadlifts are just as good and won’t put you in a wheelchair or risk your life.

4. The Upright Row

This move has gained a fantastic reputation as a quick way to build muscle mass. However, what many people aren’t realizing is that bodybuilders who use this move also often end up with ligament tears or impingement syndrome. This one can easily be dropped for a move that is not only far safer but that also gives far better shoulder development: overhead barbell or dumbbell presses.

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