Healthy Foods You May Actually Be Overeating

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Healthy Foods to eat in moderationWhen it comes to losing weight, nutritionists guide their clients and make them aware of which foods they should eat. Yet even the most informed consumers have difficulty in determining how much of these healthy foods should be consumed. When these foods are eaten in excess, they may trigger weight gain instead of helping out with your weight loss program. Are you overeating these healthy foods? Check out from the list below.


One of the most common healthy foods to be consumed in over-abundance is nuts. Not only are they nutritious, but they also contain healthy fats for helping you feel full. Thanks to a great taste, you can easily overeat nuts, particularly if you eat them from a huge jar or while having drinks with your friends at a local bar. Nuts are recommended to be consumed in about one-ounce servings. This means a handful of nuts in mixed proportions should be just enough to provide you the essentially required fats.


Packed with all nutritional components, bananas are savored due to the great taste they offer. However, beware: overeating of bananas can get tough on the general intestinal tract. In severe cases, there can also be a risk of potassium toxicity, which is often a concern for children. Although there is no precisely defined limit of bananas to avoid any potassium-related problems, it is normally suggested to consume bananas moderately, and be sure to include other fruits in your daily diet.


Unlike with solid foods such as nuts and bananas, your body often doesn’t register the intake of smoothies. The calories seem to go down fairly easily, and you tend to overlook what’s entering your body in the form of smoothies. To avoid taking in excess calories through smoothies, make sure you always make them at home. What you put in the blender should be managed only by you. The best smoothie formula is to blend one cup of ice with a cup of milk or its alternative. This can be accompanied by one fruit, one fat, and a bonus, like vanilla extract.

Olive Oil

Do you generously pour the ever-popular olive oil over your green salads in an attempt to benefit from its goodness? The fact of the matter is that simply drizzling it in small quantities gives you super-nutritious health benefits. Olive oil comprises healthy, monounsaturated fat. However, like everything else you eat, olive oil also contains calories—surprisingly, 100 calories for every tablespoon. When you eat your favorite salad at a restaurant, it is often served with roughly four tablespoons of dressing. It is safer to prepare a salad at home, where you can pour just a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. You can also order the dressing on the side the next time you eat out.


Chickpea dip, more popularly known as hummus, is an incredibly healthy snack. Not only is hummus rich in protein and healthy fats, but it is also used as a great dip and filling for wraps, tacos, and sandwiches. This is why it is so easy to overeat this great, healthy snack. Make sure to use only about two tablespoons of hummus for each serving if you want to incorporate healthy portions of hummus into your diet.

It is true that these foods often seem too delicious to be eaten in limited quantities. However, overeating these healthy foods can also cause a number of health concerns. Make sure to consult a nutritionist to know how much you truly require of these incredibly healthy foods.

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