Foods That Naturally Support Healthy Thyroid Function

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foods for Healthy Thyroid FunctionA substantial number of people suffer from thyroid dysfunction. This is why you should take care to ensure a healthy thyroid function. In some cases, you may require certain types of medicines for this purpose. But if you do not have a medical history of thyroid dysfunction, you should avoid those medicines. Let’s look at some natural foods that you can consume to keep your thyroid function healthy.

Foods Rich in Iodine

If you want to keep your thyroid healthy, you should make a point of consuming foods that are rich in iodine. Iodine is helpful to the thyroid gland because it helps to produce thyroxin, which regulates metabolism. This keeps your metabolism working like a charm. There are quite a few sources of iodine that you can look to. You can go for eggs, fish, fish oils and sea vegetables. There are also salts available that contain a good amount of iodine. Other natural sources of iodine include pineapples and artichokes.

Selenium Rich Foods

Another way to maintain a healthy thyroid function is to keep up your consumption of selenium. One of the main reasons for thyroid diseases is a deficiency of selenium, which regulates the hormones that are produced in the thyroid gland. There are many scrumptious natural sources that can help you maintain your selenium levels. These natural sources include beef liver and kidney, mushrooms and eggs. You can come up with a healthy mixture of the following foods to keep up healthy selenium levels.

Fatty Acids

There are two fatty acids that you should concentrate on consuming: Omega-3 and Omega-6. The reason for focusing on these acids is that they assist the thyroid gland in maintaining your metabolism. Fortunately, you can attain these essential fatty acids from readily available sources. These sources include walnuts, fish and sunflower seeds.

Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is also quite important to maintaining healthy thyroid function. In seeking to improve thyroid health, you should focus on gaining iron from natural sources over any other foods. Consuming poultry, red meat, seafood and beans will get you plenty of iron.

Copper Consumption

Copper is equally essential for a well-maintained thyroid function. To maintain a healthy copper intake, you can look to organ meat, sea foods and whole grain products.

Remember to consume the abovementioned foods in order to maintain a healthy thyroid function.

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