Small Things That Increase Your Fitness Level Tremendously

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Increase Your Fitness Level easily You don’t have to spend hours at the gym in order to increase your fitness level by leaps and bounds. Instead, you can do a variety of small things that will add up and make a big difference.

Each time you practice the following tips, you will be working your way towards a stronger body. The key is consistency, so do these every day until they become a natural part of your daily routine.

Practice Plank Exercises
Plank position may seem simple, but it is actually one exercise that will work every muscle in your body, so it is considered one of the best workouts out there. In fact, if you do nothing other than planks for the day, you will still be making strides towards increasing your fitness.

Be sure to vary the position to gain even more strength, so go down onto your forearms for forearm plank, or lift one foot off the ground while you hold the position. When strong enough, you can even hold plank, lift a foot, and bring your knee to your tricep for an isometric hold that will really get your blood pumping and your muscles burning.

Make Things a Bit Harder on Yourself
Do you find yourself always using the escalator when you are at the mall, or even using valet parking whenever possible? Then it is time to start challenging yourself a bit. Use the stairs, park a bit further away from the store entrance than you normally do. These small changes will add up to great gains and increase your fitness level, as they require that you get more active even during the simplest activities.

Exercise at Your Desk
Just because you have to work at a desk does not mean that you can’t exercise while you are there. Did you know that you can burn 10% more calories if you take your phone calls standing up rather than sitting down? There are also yoga poses that you can do while seated or near a desk, and you can even keep a small pair of dumbbells handy to do some bicep curls while you are taking a break.

In addition to the tips above, you can increase your fitness level by focusing on what you eat. Only consume clean, whole foods that are loaded with nutrients. Also, avoid eating at restaurants too often and prepare your meals at home so you can control the salt and sugar content.

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