Non-Prescription Diet Pills That Don’t Cut It

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ineffective Non-Prescription Diet PillsIf you want to lose weight but without much effort, there is no other option than relying on non-prescription diet pills. The good thing about these pills is you don’t have to consult a doctor and they are easily available at any pharmaceutical store. The convenience is one of the biggest factors that motivate people to go for OTC diet pills over other options like changing diet or your overall lifestyle.

Non-prescription diet pills are easily available and they really work. The success stories show it is simple to lose weight with the use of diet pills, but if you have tried them once you know the real story is different than what’s shown in the ads.

There are only a few authentic non-prescription diet pills that can effectively produce great results, otherwise, plenty of OTC diet pills don’t cut the fat in your body. In fact, they do more harm than good to your body. This is because most over the counter pills contain toxic chemicals that pose hazards to your health.

Some of these pills are not only ineffective but can also cause many potentially fatal diseases. Following are some of the many non-prescription diet pills that fail to deliver the result according to its claims. More often than not, these claims have not just been proven wrong but also they have caused severe diseases.

Hoodia is obtained from a succulent plant and because of this it is often considered a natural way to lose weight. Most people have the misconception that if something is natural, it is going to be effective but nature is both beneficial and harmful. In the case of Hoodia it’s not as effective as you expect it to be because it causes fluctuations in your blood pressure and heart rate. Taking the pill regularly some people reported dizziness and fatigue.

Chitosan is another organic compound extracted from the exoskeleton of shellfish but, again, it’s not enough to live up to its claim. It is advertised as a component that blocks the absorption of fat in the body, thus making you leaner quickly. However, the reality is different as it causes constipation or diarrhea. It can totally mess up your digestive system without helping you lose weight.

Alli is a famous non-prescription diet pill that has created quite a buzz in the fitness industry but so far it hasn’t delivered results that are worth talking about. It is the non-prescription version of Orlistat. Some people have reported mild changes but no massive achievement has been seen after the use of Alli.

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