How to Lose Weight While Sitting on Your Couch

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Lose Weight While Sitting on the couchCuddling on your couch for your next TV show? You can still lose weight while sitting. Although being labeled a couch potato is not exactly the thing you would like, there are a number of short and effective workouts that can help you lose weight while sitting on your sofa when you are glued to your TV.

How? With every hour-long television program, you get almost six commercial breaks lasting up to three minutes each. Make sure you do some of these exercises during those breaks and you will never have to miss a scene because of your workout.


Squatting is identified as an effective training practice for both amateurs and workout veterans. Yet, one factor remains constant: keeping the form right. This also goes for those people who have been doing it for years and still don’t know how to do it right. Remember, it’s not a race against time. It’s also imperative you take the time to squat in the right form and keep as much balance as you can. Pace up your squatting tempo only when you think you have gotten it right. When you achieve the right squatting positions, doing them during a three-minute commercial break can do wonders for your body.

Leg-Lifts Instead of Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are not only an outmoded routine but also a pain in the back—often literally. No worries. Instead of doing the conventional sit-ups, try the quirky leg-lifts. Almost anyone can do them to strengthen the abdominal region. It is also a conveniently effective way to tone your stomach without straining your back.

Doing It Right

Although leg lifts may appear easy, it can be somewhat difficult to stick to them; some couch potatoes might just give up. Holding your legs up for 20 seconds can be more than difficult for many people. For this reason, make small beginnings. Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t strain your legs by overdoing it. Leg lifts focus on working your rectus abdominal (six-pack) muscles with a strong impact for enhancing blood circulation and preventing edema, which causes your legs to swell. As you thwart edema, performing leg-lifts will also help you combat unattractive cellulite. While sitting on your couch, use the breaks to perform leg lifts so you don’t find yourself stuck in one position for a long period of time.

Although going to a gym or seeking a fitness instructor is a better way of shaping yourself up, you can still make use of these easy workouts to lose weight while sitting on the couch in order to tone your body.

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