Lower Calorie Food Swaps That Don’t Keep You Hungry

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lower calorie food swaps

For many of us, lower calorie food swaps can be quite the challenge. It’s all well and good to say that we should replace potato chips as a snack by eating cucumber slices instead, but as great as they are for a calorie count, they don’t do as much for a nagging hunger. Same goes for exchanging cream soups for those with clear broths.

That said, just because there are some lower calorie food swaps that leave you feeling hungry, it doesn’t mean that this is always the case. There are a huge number of foods you can eat without doing damage to your daily calorie total but that will help you to live more comfortably with your appetite.

The following lower calorie food swaps can help you to stay on track and feel fuller at the same time:

Whole fruits instead of juice

The juicing fad is rapidly fading away as people discover that it isn’t providing them with the whole benefits of the fruits and vegetables they’ve been running through the juicer. Skip the machine and eat the fruits whole. It will taste better, will fill you up and will even provide you with fiber that will slow down the absorption of the natural sugars contained within the fruit. Overall, this is a far healthier practice and will help to satisfy your hunger.

Pan fry foods instead of deep frying them

You’ll still be able to enjoy the delicious flavor and crispy texture you love, only with far fewer calories. Even better, the cleanup is much simpler!

Prepare your own meals

Instead of buying a lunch or heading through the drive-thru all the time, start whipping up your own meals. Even home-made salads have considerably fewer calories than restaurant-made alternatives. You’ll get to know exactly what is in the foods you eat and you can leave out the ingredients you’d rather not waste your calories on.

Make your own salad dressings

If you want to save a shocking number of calories (and sodium and sugar, for that matter), make your own extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing instead of the store-bought varieties.

Eat whole grains

Swap out the white bread and pasta in favor of whole grains and you’ll find that your meals suddenly become far more filling. Even better, they’re also higher in fiber and a whole slew of nutrients.

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