The 5 Best Motivators for Weight Loss

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Best Motivators for Weight Loss Do you lack the motivation to lose weight? Often, people who want to shed the extra pounds suffer because they aren’t motivated enough. To make things easier for you, here are the 5 best motivators for weight loss:

Feel the need to get inspired? Jot down quick and simple questions on a piece of paper and play the ‘if’ game. Reflect on the consequences of quitting or cheating with your diet. Some of these questions may include:

If I don’t diet, how will I appear one year later with my presently increasing weight?
If I don’t diet, how much will it affect my health?
If I don’t diet, what will my friends and family think about my health?

These questions help you evaluate yourself and motivate you to get on with your weight loss regime with even more energy.

Focus On an Emotion
Quite often, we are overwhelmed with emotions while dieting. One of the best motivators for weight loss is focusing on a single emotion to facilitate weight loss. For some people, the results are the true motivation to burn calories. When you observe how good it feels to hit the gym, savor a low calorie food or accompany a friend to a fitness class, you will be motivated to collect more of these ‘feel good’ moments.

Hang Your Motivation by the Mirror
Some people start losing weight because they want to fit into a dress that has been hanging in their cupboard for an eternity. Maybe it’s your favorite pair of jeans or a blouse gifted by a special someone. Pick something out from your wardrobe. Hang it in your room. Visualize yourself wearing it after losing weight. It is probably one of the best motivators for weight loss to hit the gym for losing extra pounds.

Take a Picture Everyday
With various photo sharing channels available on the internet, it is also motivating to take a picture of yourself every day. This helps you track your weight loss as you see your double chin disappear. Gone are the days when you had to maintain a handwritten weight loss diary. Posting daily photos on Instagram can help you stay connected with other weight loss enthusiasts and track your own transformation.

Use a Weight Loss App
As technology has taken over all aspects of our life, a smartphone is more a companion than a communication device. Download a weight loss app that is suited to your needs. There are various other apps which provide the information and guidelines you can follow to lose weight effectively. The fact that the smartphone is with you around the clock will ensure you don’t miss out.

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