Top 3 Most Nutritious Thanksgiving Foods

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Most Nutritious Thanksgiving Foods Just because you feel like you need to loosen your belt after eating a huge turkey dinner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole meal is bad for you. If you’re focused on the most nutritious Thanksgiving foods, then you’ll need to know just what they are.

When you really think about it, there is a lot of lean meat and there are many veggies passed around the table. These can be very nutritious Thanksgiving foods depending on how they’re prepared. Obviously, the gravy and cream sauces aren’t exactly the most weight loss-friendly things you can put on your plate on that holiday.

Have a look at the following nutritious Thanksgiving foods and consider choosing those for your next holiday dinner. Many of them are exceptionally easy choices to make. After all, isn’t everything on the Thanksgiving table full of flavors anyway?

Here are three of the most nutrient packed foods on your Thanksgiving table this year.

1. White turkey meat – for every three ounces of turkey meat, choosing white over dark can make a considerable difference. In fact, it will save you 50 calories and 4 grams of fat. By making that simple choice, you’ll still be able to enjoy turkey without the guilt. You’ll feast on a lean protein full of flavor.

2. Green bean casserole – there are often several casseroles being passed around the table on Thanksgiving. Two of the most popular are green bean and sweet potato casseroles. Between them, the lighter choice is usually the green beans, even considering the cream of mushroom soup. Make it with a reduced fat or low sodium soup this year and you’ll make it even healthier. That said, you can still have a little spoonful of the sweet potatoes since they’re a great way to give yourself an antioxidant boost. Portion control is the key to enjoying that dish since it also packs a calorie punch.

3. Pumpkin pie – Once you’re already feeling full, you still have dessert ahead of you. The two most common options are pumpkin and apple pies. If you have the choice, go for the pumpkin and skip the whipped cream. Since it has a single crust, unlike the double crusted apple pie that often comes with ice cream, you’ll shave off a ton of calories right from the start. If you’ve chosen a pie made with real pumpkin, you’ll enjoy more antioxidants as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits of some of the spices including cinnamon.

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