Obesity is Complicated! Even Twins Respond Differently to Foods

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Obesity is Complicated - Twin StudyIs there a single diet that is best for every single individual? It turns out that the answer is no. Obesity is complicated, and nutrition plans should be personalized to achieve the best results. And, according to Medical News Today, even twins respond differently to foods. Isn’t that fascinating? Keep reading to learn more.

A Look at the Research That Proves Obesity Is Complicated

The results of a particular study, known as the Twins UK Study, are proving that obesity is even more complicated than most people once thought.

During this study, experts looked at 14,000 twins (including both non-identical and identical twins) to try to figure out which causes of a variety of conditions could be deemed genetic, and which ones are more environmental.

Beyond that, researchers also looked at the biological responses that more than 1,000 people had to specific foods over the course of two full weeks. Roughly 60% of the people in this study were twins.

The Results of the Research

Ultimately, what experts realized was that obesity is complicated because there were so many different biological responses between people when they ate the same foods. While some people ended up with a rise in their triglycerides after eating, others experienced a rise in insulin and blood sugar.

When it comes to twins, however, the results are even more interesting. Experts noted that twins who were identical actually shared just 37% of gut bacteria. In those who are unrelated to each other, it’s 35%. So, not much more than usual, even though identical twins grow up in the same environment and share the same genes. Plus, these twins even had differing blood sugar responses after a meal.

So, what determines the way your body responds to the ingredients in a meal? Well, researchers believe that various factors might be to blame. Those might include your personal gut microbiome, as well as your metabolism and your activity level. In other words, it isn’t just the nutritional content of a meal that determines how your body reacts to it, even if you are an identical twin.

Research Is Ongoing

Experts hope to learn even more about how individuals respond differently to the same foods. This all proves that obesity is complicated, so following the general guidelines set forth regarding eating right might not work for everyone. If you have been struggling with weight loss, despite following all of the rules of a healthy diet, your unique body might need a different eating plan altogether to suit your needs better.

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