What You Should Know About Phosphorus Supplements for Weight Loss

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Phosphorus Supplements for weight lossThere is no dearth of weight loss supplements and methods on the market. Yet, some people still struggle to reach their weight loss goals. They set their resolution to lose weight this year at the start of the year but by the time the year enters its second quarter, they have more or less given up on their efforts. If you are tired of the conventional ways to lose weight, there might be a new entrant in the arena. According to a number of studies, phosphorous supplements might help people lose weight and achieve the body of their dreams.

According to one study, adequate levels of phosphorous in the body promotes a feeling of fullness, which means a person is likely to eat less.

When you eat less and work out, you burn more calories than you consume, which is the ideal way to lose weight. So, on the surface, it does appear as though phosphorous supplements are a viable solution for weight loss. Even in the past, several researches have shown that people with low levels of phosphorous in the body weight more than those with higher levels of this element. Not to mention, once they take in more phosphorous, their appetite decreases.

A research team from Lebanon challenged these claims and launched a trial. They came up with an experiment involving 47 participants who were obese or overweight. After 3 months, those who were given phosphorous supplements managed to lose around 1.5 pounds on average. Also, their waistline shrunk by a full inch. On the other hand, the group which had lower levels of phosphorous actually gained weight instead of losing. This proves that phosphorus might become the next buzzword in the world of weight loss solutions.

However, it is still early days for this remedy for your weight problems. There is no research which can conclusively show the long-term effects of using phosphorous supplements. This means there is no way to determine if the supplements are safe to use in the long run. Furthermore, scientists also need to come up with the ideal way to provide this supplement to the public, i.e. as a pill, powder, or in any other form. If all goes to plan, these supplements will be made available in the near future.

What this also means is that you should get your phosphorus level checked and if it’s low, find a way to supplement it naturally, as that would also help you lose weight.

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