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plexus slim reviewsPlexus Slim is a weight loss product that is designed to help dieters to more effectively and much more easily make certain that they will be taking in the proper amount of water every day, as hydration is critical to being able to shed extra weight and excess fluid retention. These small packets allow the dieter to be able to flavor their water and boost what the manufacturers claim to be weight loss promoting ingredients.

The official website for Plexus Slim claims that there are no stimulants (such as caffeine) in the formula. This is important for people who are sensitive to the impact of stimulants on their bodies. That said, other dieters like the impact that some stimulants have on assisting with weight loss through the energy boost, appetite suppression and metabolic rate increase, and may therefore find that this is a drawback, instead of a benefit.

At the time of this review, among all of the ingredients that were printed on the product label, only one could be found to have been even moderately proven in clinical studies to have any benefit on the effort to lose weight. Among the ingredients, some of the more notables outside of the natural flavors, citric acid, stevia extract, and polydextrose (which provide the flavor), are beet root, grape skin extract, lo han extract, and Citrin K chromium, among others.

Chromium, the last ingredient on the list, has undergone the largest amount of study. Though the Mayo Clinic states that it has not been adequately shown to have any benefit for weight loss, it is often found in diet pill formulas to help to control the blood glucose response to food. In theory, this can help to reduce the risk of cravings. Though some human studies have shown positive results for craving control, those directly involving weight loss have been inconclusive.

Another common weight loss product ingredient that has made its way into Plexus Slim is Citrin K, which is another name for garcinia cambogia. Though this is typically considered to be a safe ingredient for the vast majority of dieters, recent news headlines have been linking this substance to a potential risk of liver damage.

The official website for this product was offering a free trial packet at the time of this review, which can be helpful to many dieters who want to give it a try before paying full price for the product. That said, the official website lists neither the full prices nor any clinical studies for Plexus Slim unless dieters wish to join the website as a one-time buyer. The prices (though still no clinical studies) are revealed at that time.

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