What to Do When Prescription Diet Pills Don’t Work

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Prescription Diet Pills don't workIf the prescription diet pills you are using don’t work or have failed to provide you satisfactory results, do not worry. You can opt for a healthier lifestyle that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. In case, here are some simple practices you can adopt to lose weight:

  • You should decide what to have for dinner in the morning. This will help you keep yourself away from unplanned and spontaneous eating. Moreover, if possible, take the help of a dieting expert. He/she will you come up with a diet plan suited to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Whenever you dine out, start your meal by eating a salad with low-calorie dressing. You can also opt for a broth-based soup. This way, your stomach will feel fuller thereby making you less likely to gobble up the complete entrée. It is also likely that by selecting a healthy item in the beginning, you will develop the habit of eating the same type of healthy food when you dine out.
  • When dining out, share your entrée with a friend or a family member. You can also order an appetizer, besides the salad or soup. By doing so, you can avoid consuming excessive carbs that may cause health problems. (On a side note: Your companion might be thankful for you sharing your meal with them.)
  • If prescription diet pills don’t work for you, start working out regularly. Make it a habit to take a walk right after you wake up. Furthermore, find ways to stay physically active, especially if you have a desk-bound job.
  • Add vegetables to every meal. If possible, eat them raw. This will help you develop healthier eating habits and you will lose weight over time.
  • You should increase your fiber intake. Consume “wet” fiber sources and not dry ones. For example, cooked oatmeal will make you feel fuller as compared to eating a dry fiber cracker.
  • Instead of gulping up calories, consume whole fruits and vegetables. For example, eat an apple a day instead of drinking apple juice. You should also compare food items that seem alike and eat the ones which are more filling. For example, instead of eating 100 calories of raisins, opt for 100 calories of grapes, as they will make you feel fuller.

So, these are some great practices you can adopt to lose weight in case prescription diet pills don’t work.

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