Prescription Diet Pills vs. OTC Alternatives

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Prescription Diet Pills or alternativesDiet pills help you lose weight at a faster rate while helping you control your cravings and reducing appetite. For quite a few years, diet pills could only be purchased on a doctor’s prescription as it was seen that people misused the drug in order to lose weight fast.

There were a few witnessed cases where people overdosed or took the wrong pills and this proved far more dangerous than they could have imagined. This and other such reasons caused them to be taken off the market and made available solely on a doctor’s prescription.

However, now there are a few FDA-approved diet pills on the market that work as well as the prescription diet pills, which leads to the question: Which of the two is better? Should you go see a doctor and get a prescription for weight loss pills, or should you opt for the ones available over the counter, and what are the pros and cons of the two options? Both types of diet pills help one reduce appetite and control cravings while speeding up metabolism and energy in order to help lose weight.

When you opt for prescription diet pills, there is always the chance your doctor will not prescribe them for you if you do not have a lot of weight to lose or if you fall in the category of being clinically obese. Doctors encourage traditional forms of weight loss methods and frown upon pills unless it is absolutely a necessity. The over-the-counter pills can be taken by anyone and will help anyone lose weight.
However, there is a catch. When you are taking prescription drugs, the doctor monitors your symptoms and signs to make sure you are not creating a risk for yourself. They also keep a check on your test readings to make sure the pills are working to improve your health instead of undermining it.

On the other hand, if you are taking over-the-counter diet pills, there is always the risk the diet pill you are consuming poses a risk to your health. You might also have a condition you are not aware of, and the pills might have an adverse effect on your health as a result. When choosing an over-the-counter diet pill, always make sure they are FDA-approved, as consuming a diet pill that isn’t approved can be a gamble with your health, so you don’t want to do that.

Additionally, when you are consuming over-the-counter pills, there is no monitoring of the side effects by an expert, and you have to watch yourself for signs of side effects to make sure the pills are safe.
It is always best to consult your doctor or an expert before taking any medications as most of them do have side effects. However, if you are taking over-the-counter diet pills instead of prescription diet pills, make sure you watch yourself and discontinue use if you experience any alarming side-effects.

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