New Qsymia Diet Pill Boasts Big Weight Loss Benefits

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Qysemia diet pill informationThere are new weight-loss drugs entering the market virtually every other day. Almost every one of these weight loss drugs promises exceptional results. Sadly, only a few manage to live up to the expectations they set.

On the other hand, there are drugs that promise and deliver great results. But they have adverse effects that can be a nuisance. One weight-loss drug that recently gained approval from the Food and Drug Admiration is the Qsymia diet pill.

The claims that this weight loss pill makes seem quite promising. There are even reports that the Qsymia diet pill might just be the next big thing. In fact, it is considered to be the most effective weight-loss pill in years. The truth behind these claims is yet to be seen. Only when this drug is made available to the general public would the actual result of this weight loss drug be realized.

However, there are quite a few traits that indicate that this drug might just work. One positive sign that Qsymia is truly effective is that it got a green light from the government. There have been other prescription weight-loss drugs that got a green light before as well. But when this weight loss drug was revealed, it had been 13 years since the government had given approval to any weight loss supplement.

This is mainly because diet pills normally are somewhat shady. They either make false claims or use unethical means and drugs to live up to these claims. There are many weight-loss pills that have managed to make it to the shelf in the past years. But once the side effects were revealed, they caught the attention of the FDA. This is when these drugs were lifted off the shelves.

The Qsymia diet pill is specifically designed to treat obesity. Individuals who have a BMI of at least 30 can use this pill. Mildly overweight individuals can also reap its benefits. This weight loss drug would also be ideal for use by individuals who have chronic conditions as a result of their weight.

The way Qsymia diet pill works is quite simple. There are two existing drugs that were combined in this weight loss pill. The first drug that was used to make Qsymia is phentermine. The second drug that is used in Qsymia is topiramate. When this drug hit the shelves, it immediately became a doctors’ favorite.

Since this drug is meant specifically for obese individuals, there were clinical trials to see if the drug actually works. Patients who used this drug for a year lost 8.4 percent of their overall body weight. On the other hand, patients who took a higher dose lost more weight.

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