Where to Spend and Where to Save on Luxury Travel

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Save on Luxury Travel VacationsDid you know that there are tons of ways to save on luxury travel that will let you upgrade your vacation to an experience you didn’t know you could afford?  This is particularly true as the world starts to ease into advance bookings and attempts to pull people back into the industry again.

The Strategy of Spend vs Save on Luxury Travel

When you’re looking for a truly glorious trip, the truth is that you’re going to need to spend in some areas. It can’t be avoided.  The pampered vacation you want simply cannot be achieved on a backpacker’s shoestring budget.  Still, there are places to save on luxury travel, and these areas aren’t small.  You can find deals that will saves you hundreds or even thousands throughout the length of your trip.

Therefore, the key is to get strategic and know where you can save on luxury travel, even when you’re willing to spend where it’s important.

Important Areas to Save on Luxury Travel

Use the following tips to help you save on luxury travel without sacrificing the fun, relaxation, convenience and enjoyment of your vacation.

Exchange Rate – How Much is Your Money Worth?

The first thing you should consider is the exchange rate between your home currency and that of the place(s) you intend to visit.  This will help you to know approximately how much you’ll be able to get out of every dollar you spend.  If the dollar is strong next to the currency for which you’ll be making the exchange, you’ll get more for your money than you will if you’re thinking of traveling to a place with a currency against which the dollar is weak.

Next, have a look at the cost of the things you will want and need in the places you’re intending to visit. It might not be long before you discover that you could enjoy a long stay at a luxury villa rental in Mexico with a private chef for the same price as a tiny economy room in Japan.

Understand Travel Seasons

Many vacation destinations have top seasons for tourism.  This means that they need to work harder to get tourists to visit during off-seasons and will typically lower prices to boost appeal.  If you can travel during those off-season times, go ahead because you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll save on luxury travel.

Book Your Private Driver Strategically

You may be tempted to book a private driver for your entire trip.  When it comes to convenience, that’s certainly a great move. However, it’s important to think about how much you will use this service.  Will you use it every day?  Will your driver also act as somewhat of a private guide when traveling to various destinations?  If you will only want to head away on day trips or local visits on certain specific days, book your private driver for those specific times instead of aiming for the whole trip.  This will help you save on luxury travel while still enjoying that convenient and comfortable service.

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