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slimming massage belt reviewsEven though the hottest phase of the electro-stimulation belt has passed, commercials for these products continue to appear – particularly late at night in infomercials – and they continue to be sold across the internet in dozens of different forms. The Slimming Massage Belt appears to be the very latest generation of a product that claims to stimulate the abdominal muscles in order to eliminate flab around the middle and tone the muscles underneath.

Unfortunately, when it comes to electro-stimulation belts, including the Slimming Massage Belt, there has yet to be a single study that suggests that these products are anywhere near as effective as they claim to be – or that they have any impact on weight loss at all. Learn More About Alternative Weight Loss at

As the products claim, they do help to cause the muscles in the midsection to contract. This could, over an extended period of time, help to boost the efforts that are being made to tone those muscles. However, if the customer is hoping to lose fat around those muscles, neither the Slimming Massage belt, nor any other electro-stimulation belt, will help in achieving that goal.

The claims made by the manufacturers of the product are that a dieter will be able to strap on the Slimming Massage Belt, and then spend some time relaxing in an easy chair in front of the television, and enjoy the same benefits that they would receive from completing a full ab workout. However, while the product may indeed stimulate the muscles, it does not replace cardio exercise and does not boost the heart rate. It is very important to actively move muscles in order to encourage weight loss. The largest amount of calorie burning from a workout is from the cardio element of the workout, not the muscle use.

It is important to point out that there are some benefits to using the Slimming Massage Belt. Many fitness experts and professional athletes have seen an alternative purpose to wearing this product and other elector-stimulation devices for the muscles. That is to help to ease muscle pain and shorten the length of time that is required for recovery between events or even individual workouts. As the electrical shocks are quite gentle, it helps to encourage the lactic acid to be dispersed from the muscle, so that the area won’t be as sore.

The specific design of the Slimming Massage Belt makes it possible to wrap it around virtually any body part, from the legs to the arms, the back, and the chest. This means that it can benefit most of the large muscle groups in helping to recover from a workout and ease muscle pain.

Therefore, while it may not do much for you if you want to lose weight while you’re sitting in front of the television, it may be more helpful than you thought if you are actually heading to the gym every day.

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