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slimming sauna shorts reviews

Slimming Sauna Shorts are one of the latest products to join the many official As Seen On TV products that claim to make it faster and easier to lose weight. When watching the commercial or reading about this product on the website, it can look like a virtual miracle that they would be able to help to shed extra pounds without extra dieting and exercise, just by wearing this product. However, before buying any weight loss product, it’s a good idea to try to determine how much of the claims can actually be believed.

Below, we discuss what Slimming Sauna Shorts are, what claims are being made the manufacturer of this weight loss product, and whether or not this is truly a weight loss product, or if it is just another fad that should not be trusted. So, before you head out and purchase these shorts, the information below can help you make a more informed decision so you won’t end up wasting your time or your hard-earned money.

The Claims That Are Made by Slimming Sauna Shorts

The claims of the product are that simply by wearing these Slimming Sauna Shorts, the result with be shapelier buttocks, thinner thighs, and reduced hip size. All that is required in order to achieve these goals is to wear the product, which – at the time of this review – were being sold on the official site at a reduced price of $19.95 (down from the full price of $24.95), with a higher price for the extra large size of $27.95 (down from the full price of $34.95). If they actually performed as they claim, this price would be a great one for any dieter who is budget conscious.

The product is made out of 4 way stretch neoprene, and is designed to be wearable shorts. It appears to come in two sizes. The standard size fits waists from 28 to 48 inches, but there is also an extra-large size for bigger waist sizes, up to 70 inches. It has Velcro straps that can be adjusted at the waist and thigh to be able to better customize the fit. They are advertised for use by both men and women.

Are the Claims Made by Slimming Sauna Shorts Supported by Real Evidence?

The Slimming Sauna Shorts claims don’t appear to be supported by any clinical or scientific research. Evidence of effectiveness couldn’t be found on either the official website or over general search engine queries. The only indication of efficacy was a single before and after picture that suggested a tremendous amount of weight reduction, though no details were provided.

There is no indication that Slimming Sauna Shorts will promote any fat loss, nor that this product will generate the weight loss that it claims. It could lead to minimal amounts of weight loss through the temporary reduction of retained fluids in some of the cells in the areas beneath the shorts, but that will return once more when the dehydration is overcome.

Do Other Similar Products Work When It Comes to Helping You Lose Weight?

Slimming Sauna Shorts is just one of many products on the market that claim to help you shed pounds surprisingly easily, with hardly any effort, if any. More often than not, however, these products turn out to be shams that should not be trusted.

According to Very Well Fit, there are other products, such as Cool Sculpt Contouring Shorts and the Cold Shoulder Weight Loss Vest, that claim to help you lose weight with the help of cold temperatures. These types of products, however, also lack the solid scientific evidence to support the claims their manufacturers are making.

Rather than buying weight loss fads that claim to help you lose weight by wearing them, focus on investing in clothes, shoes, and accessories that motivate you to work out, that make it easy to track your workouts and your physical activity every day, and that make it easy to move around the way you need to when exercising, getting your steps in for the day, etc. As another example, compression gear might be able to help you burn through more fat while you exercise, so something like that might be worth investing in.

There Are Better Ways to Lose Weight

Rather than rely on a product like this, focus on eating right and exercising to lose weight in an efficient manner. Also, remember, losing anywhere from just 1 to 2 pounds per week is what experts recommend, as this is a safe amount of weight to lose to maintain your overall health and achieve incredible results over time.

In conclusion, because there is no real evidence that Slimming Sauna Shorts actually work the way that they claim, there is no need to waste your money on purchasing this product, and there is no need to waste any time using it.

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