Ways to Stay Fit When You Have a Desk Job

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staying fit with a desk job

It’s not easy to stay fit when you have a desk job. It’s not as though this type of work situation affords you a large number of opportunities to remain active all day long. We have busy schedules and tight deadlines that force us to stay put in front of our computer screens and tethered to our phones.

That said, despite these restrictions, it is not impossible to stay fit when you have a desk job. It just takes some dedication to your heath and some knowledge of the right steps to keep your body in shape.

Use the following handy tips to stay fit when you have a desk job.

Boost your activity level before work

Yes, even those of us who sit at desks all day long can move around when we set our minds to it. Walk a bit before you get started. If you’re not a morning person who wants to get up earlier to walk right away, get off public transit a stop early so you can walk the last stretch. Or, if you drive, park your car then walk up the street to a shop a couple of blocks away to get your coffee, then walk back again.

Boost your activity level during work

At least once every half hour, stand up. If you don’t have the chance or the space to walk around a little, jog on the spot for thirty seconds. If you can sprint on the spot for that long, go for it! Even just standing up and doing a range of stretching exercises every half hour can make a difference. You won’t get any cardio, but it’s far better for you than sitting still.

Boost your activity level during lunch

If you have a lunch hour, you have time to eat and do something physical, too. This can mean going for a brisk walk, climbing the steps in the stair well or, even better, hitting the gym if there’s one within or near your workplace.

Boost your activity level after work

Once you get home, dedicate at least 20 minutes, though ideally a half hour to exercise. This could be another brisk walk, some strength training, or even a great pre-bed yoga routine. This will further help to keep your cardiovascular system in top shape, it will tone your muscles, burn fat and even promote better mental health.

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