5 Summer Activities That Burn Tons of Calories Fast

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Summer Activities That Burn Tons of Calories

Summer is here, which means the weather is warm enough to spend plenty of time outside, and that means that there are loads of fun summer activities that burn tons of calories quickly. If you have been waiting for this season of the year so that you can do something other than go to the gym to lose weight, you are in luck. Check out the activities below that you can participate in if you want to maintain your figure throughout beach season.

1. Beach Volleyball

Speaking of the beach, if you do decide to spend some time on the sand this summer, you can make it a more productive experience by playing some fun beach volleyball with your friends. This is a great sport for getting the heart pumping, for toning up muscles in your upper and lower body, and for burning excess calories. In fact, you can expect to burn around 272 calories by playing a game of beach volleyball.

2. Biking

Even light bicycling around town or at the park when the weather is warm can help you burn upwards of 204 calories. At the same time, you will get some sunshine on your skin and you will be toning up your leg muscles. This is a great activity if you want to switch things up and you don’t want to go for a walk. Ride up and down hills to keep your legs strong and your heart rate up.

3. Hiking

Summertime is one of the best times to explore the great outdoors, though you might need to take some bug spray with you. Find a few hiking trails that you can head out on, and get ready to break a sweat while taking in the scenery and the fresh air. This total body workout will have you burning calories in no time. In fact, after just a few minutes, you could burn upwards of 50 calories.

4. Swimming

No list of summer activities that burn tons of calories would be complete without mentioning swimming, right? Not only is swimming a fun way to cool off on the hottest summer days, but it is also a fantastic way to build strength throughout your body and burn extra calories. In fact, this cardio workout could help you burn more than 200 calories.

5. Kayaking

Kayaking might seem like a leisurely activity, but it could help you get rid of an extra 59 calories in just 10 minutes! So find a scenic lake, grab those paddles, and get ready to feel the burn.

These are just a few of the many summer activities that burn tons of calories. So head outside, have some fun in the sun, and watch the excess weight melt away.


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