The Jumpstart to Skinny Diet

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jumpstart to skinny reviewOne of the trainers from the popular reality show, the Biggest Loser, Bob Harper, has created the Jumpstart to Skinny Diet. It is a plan that claims to be able to slim you down in a matter of only three weeks.

The diet was published in a book by Harper and promises incredibly fast results, giving the example of 20 pounds within a span of three weeks – 21 days. However, there are a large number of diets in today’s marketplace which make similar claims. Many dieters wonder whether this particular plan can actually live up to its promises, or if it is just another money making scheme based on a celebrity name.

Naturally, in order to achieve weight loss at that level, the Jumpstart to Skinny Diet requires its followers to stick to some strict rules. For example, each meal must have a very careful macronutrient ratio – 20 percent fat, 40 percent protein, and 40 percent carbohydrates – in terms of their calorie contribution. Moreover, the number of calories allowed every day is extremely low.

To make things more complex, you can consume carbohydrates only during the breakfast meal, and there is a requirement of 15 to 20 minutes of specific “jumpstart” exercises as required by and described within the book, five times per week, on top of a 45 minute daily cardio routine. One thing that many dieters do enjoy about this program is that unlimited vegetables are allowed, and their caloric contribution does not have to be included in the daily maximum.

It is important to note that Harper, himself, stated during an appearance on the TODAY Show that the Jumpstart to Skinny Diet should be considered only a short term weight loss strategy and is appropriate only for individuals who must shed a large amount of weight in a short time. It is not meant to be used over an extended period.

However, there are many doctors, nutritionists, and other experts who speak out strongly against diets such as this one. That said, according to Naked Nutrition founder, Mike Roussell, PhD, who is also the head of Peak Performance gym’s nutritional services in New York City, consuming only 800 calories per day for a period of three weeks won’t necessarily “hurt” you, and within that span of time, it won’t allow vitamin or mineral deficiencies to occur, said the Director of Nutrition and Weight Management Clinic at Boston Medical Center, Caroline Apovian, MD, who also authored the book “The Overnight Diet”.

At the same time, Roussell has explained that the design of the diet is “like driving with your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time,” because the calorie deficit is telling the body to shed the pounds, but the calorie percentage from carbs is instructing it to produce insulin, which leads to fat retention.

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