The Toughest Ab Workouts for a Flat Belly Fast

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toughest Ab Workouts You want to get those rock hard abs, but you’re not really sure how to get there. You just know that deep under that fat that you are working so hard to shed, there is muscle and you want to unlock it. The problem is that you really can’t spot train, so you have to be sure to perform ab exercises as part of a more comprehensive and robust workout. You need to work to shed the fat and get rid of it off the body while also building muscle that will start to come to the surface. This involves strength training and cardio to get the job done. It also means that you need to focus on the very best ab workouts to help you to get the job done.

This is tough because you want to be sure that your abs are part of the workout, but yet you aren’t focusing on them alone. You want to find that fine line whereby you work to shed the fat from the body while also shredding and building muscle tone and definition. It can be done and your abs should definitely be part of it, but they can’t work alone.

Be sure that you are adding in good cardio and overall body exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and even some kickboxing. This will help you to get the abs engaged, but also ensure that you burn calories and fat while getting deep into the muscle tissue.

The very best ab workouts will complement your workout in a really robust way. Be sure that you don’t perform these exercises alone, but do make them a part of every workout for a good challenge and unique way of getting those six packs abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Frog Crunches: They may sound silly and you might even feel silly performing them, but they work! In this exercise you are lying down with legs up in the air, but your toes are turned out. When you move up you get your arms and legs to meet, but keep your toes turned out so you almost look like a frog in this position. It’s a powerful way to build the ab muscles and it’s truly challenging so it will take you to places you’ve never been. Start slow but build up on these and add resistance when you really get used to them for an even better way to feel the burn!

Plank Variations: We all know that planks are an excellent way to get deep into the ab muscle and bring it to the surface. Planks are great and they are versatile so you can perform different types of them to work the abs from different angles. Try a traditional plank, where you hold the position for as long as you can and then build up. Then try a side plank, a weighted plank, and even a “Spiderman” plank to get the upper, middle, and lower abs in on the action. This is one of those ab workouts that you can build upon and it’s versatile enough that the variations will keep you working hard.

Wood Chop Rotations: You may not think of this as an exercise for the abs, but it really can be. You start in standing position with a weight in one of your hands. Then you sit back into a squat and as you do, you quickly bring down the weight to the opposite side in a chopping motion. You are getting the upper and lower body in on the movement, but you are also working the abs in a wonderful way too. You will love these and you can always increase the weight if it becomes too easy for you.

Cross Crunches: It’s not just your traditional crunch but rather it hits all angles of the abs here. You are literally crossing over the body as you crunch up and hitting one foot with the opposite hand. This goes to show that ab workouts should focus on all parts of the abs, involve a variety of different movements, and above all challenge you as part of a bigger and more comprehensive workout—shed fat and build muscle and you too can have those amazing abs you’ve always wanted!

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