The Main Types of Dieters: Which One Are You?

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Main Types of DietersAlmost every other person out there seems to be on a diet but only a few dieters are actually able to lose weight. Why it that? As human beings, we succumb to our desires and quickly gobble down a bar of chocolate when nobody is looking. Here are the main types of dieters: which one are you?

Uptight Dieter
These dieters are self-controlled and self-disciplined folks who consider it a sin to chow down extra calories when it is not cheat day.

They have the most determination when it comes to losing weight and, quite often, they are also the most successful. These dieters do not require the support of others and fitness groups because they are fairly self-sufficient enough to handle their own problems. However, they like to walk around a party, pointing at how unhealthy everything around them is.

Freedom Dieters
These types of dieters want to lose weight but do not want to follow a strict diet. They eat whatever they want in moderate amounts but skip foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Such dieters enjoy their lives and get enough exercise because they like spending time outdoors. However, freedom dieters are most likely to suffer from nasty periods of binging because they lack self-control and need somebody to stop them from consuming extra calories at a party.

Social Media Dieter
These dieters are considered fitness boasters online who feel obligated to post about every visit to the gym. They are known to post pictures of colorful fruit bowls and smoothies on their Instagram feed but they do sneak in a few calories when nobody is looking, which is why their dieting efforts are mostly relegated to social media.

The planners write detailed food journals and are in control of their lives. They like to calculate the number of calories in each meal and spend all their free time determining how many pounds they need to shed to reach their ideal weight by a certain date. They tackle weight loss with the same fervor and enthusiasm an engineer may possess while building a bridge.

Such types of dieters cannot last more than a week on a certain diet and are bound to quit the moment things start to get difficult. These dieters spend all their time complaining about how difficult it is to lose weight but will hardly ever make the effort to lose those extra pounds.

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