Vacation Planning Tips to Keep Unwanted Surprises Away

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Mexico Vacation Planning Tips The right vacation planning tips can help you to know you won’t be facing any unwanted surprises while you’re on your dream vacation. If you’re headed to Mexico, there are a few numbers for you to keep on hand and facts for you to understand.

Learning this information and keeping the right contact info handy should be considered to be some of the top vacation planning tips. Consider them as important as remembering to pack your wallet and passport.

Mexican Vacation Planning Tips and Important Information

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

No matter where you go, you should always have the right emergency numbers handy, just in case. When it comes to Mexican vacation planning tips, the following are usually the best numbers to have with you:

• Police/Ambulance – 066
• Red Cross – 065
• Highway Assistance and Tourist Information – 078
• U.S. Consulate – (322) 222-0069
• Consumer Protection (PROFECO) – (322) 225-0000
• Tourism Office – (322) 221-2676
• Tourist Protection – (322) 223-2500

Plan for the Weather

The next best Mexican vacation planning tips for you to remember is that everything you do depends on the weather. What you wear, what you do, where you go can all be decided based on what it’s doing outside. If you’re staying in Riviera Nayarit, for example, you’re likely to have fantastic weather during the daytime all year round. It doesn’t get overwhelmingly hot or very cool during most of the year. There is a “rainy season” from July through the start of October, in which it rains for 2 to 3 hours every evening but is clear the majority of the rest of the time.

Don’t Drink the Water

This is one of the vacation planning tips that will help you to stay healthy while you’re away. Don’t drink Mexican tap water. Don’t brush your teeth with it and don’t wash your food with it or cook with it. Many hotels have purified tap water which can be helpful for brushing your teeth and showering. Still, it’s safest to drink bottled water. Most hotels and luxury villa rentals offer bottled water free of charge. If you’re not sure what kind of water is used to prepare food in a restaurant, be sure to ask.

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