Weekday Vegan Diet Boosts Health

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vegan dietThere are a lot of health benefits to begin a vegan when you practice this lifestyle correctly. It makes weight loss easier, and it is simpler to maintain a healthy body weight as you pack your body full of nutrients. It can also reduce the risk of a number of conditions ranging from high cholesterol to high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some cancers. However, while many of us would love to enjoy those advantages, the majority of us aren’t prepared to completely swear off meat and all animal based food products.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy the benefits of veganism most of the time, while still incorporating the flavor and advantages of eating meats, eggs, cheeses, dairy, and other animal based foods as an occasional treat. Though, in truth, we could truly benefit from being vegan, when done properly, there is something to be said about the added enjoyment that eating non-vegan foods can bring to many people.

Different forms of the weekday vegan diet, or “part time” veganism work for different people. For example, while some people can benefit from living a vegan lifestyle from Monday through Friday and then have their eggs for breakfast Saturday morning, a cheese pizza for dinner, and a roast on Sunday, others require a different strategy. This is the simplest form because it doesn’t require any scheduling or additional planning.

However, other people would prefer to have animal based products scattered throughout the week instead of concentrated on the weekends. Those individuals may enjoy a rule that says that they must consume only vegan friendly foods until dinner time, and after that point, they can get into the animal based products. The key is not to eat any more of them than they would over a two day period if they were to eat these foods exclusively on the weekend. So there may be a quiche for dinner one night or a steak on another, but it doesn’t mean that you can have a cheeseburger every night as long as it is for dinner and you’ve been vegan the rest of the time.

While following a weekday vegan diet in this way, it is also recommended that you try to shed the overly processed foods at the same time. This will help you to gain much greater benefit from the lifestyle and to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol, and body fat levels under control and within a healthy range.

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