Best Weight Loss Breakfast Cereals

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best weight loss breakfast cerealsIt is hard to eat well when you are always on the go. Sometimes it is just easier to grab a bowl of cereal and go. Most Americans eat 160 bowls of cereal a year, for some even more than that. If you are watching your figure these days these best weight loss breakfast cereals can help. Eat a bowl each morning to get an energizing kick, to feel full, and get a significant percentage of your days daily fiber needs.

1. Fiber one is your ultimate weight loss breakfast cereal. Fiber one helps bring in about 57% of your daily fiber needs. With all that goodness and only 60 calories per serving. If you want to add some sweetness try adding some fruit or honey.

2. Next on the weight loss breakfast cereal list is organic smart bran, while it is not as good as fiber one it is still really great. Organic smart bran has about 90 calories per serving and offers 52% of daily fiber needs.

3. Post shredded wheat original also makes the great list as well. Post shredded wheat has 160 calories per serving and 25% of your daily fiber.

4. Kashi go lean is on the great list, but with fewer calories than post shredded wheat. Kashi go lean has about 70 calories per serving and gives about 23% of daily fiber needs. Kashi go lean is also sweeter than the other cereals.

5. Next of the weight loss breakfast cereals that are good, but not quite as great as the previous mentioned is Cheerios. With their 100 calories per serving and 20% daily fiber needs in each bowl, you can’t go wrong. Surely you know from the ads that they are a cholesterol reducing food and have the heart healthy design right there on the bright yellow box.

6. Kix is also pretty good for you, “kid tested, mother approved” right? Kix has about 110 calories per serving and 20% of your daily fiber needs.

With all these healthy choices in breakfast cereals that help aid you in weight loss, you can have a trim waist and convenience. These cereals offer you a good amount of fiber in each one. That means you are going to fill up faster and stay full longer. In turn you will be able to focus and power through your day. More often than not when people eat a cereal that is sweetened and low in fiber soon after they find themselves still hungry and sometimes at a fast food chain, vending machine, or grabbing something from a local convenience store. Eating these weight loss breakfast cereals will prevent many of those slips.

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