What Is MSG and Why is it so Bad for You?

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What is MSG and why is it badThere are some foods that you may consider off limits, but you may not really know why. Though you may do your best to eat right, the reality is that just a few of the wrong foods or food ingredients can take you off your path of being healthy.

In some instances you may find that you’re not even aware of what’s at the center of unhealthy eating or undesirable side effects, and so you may have to pay closer attention to what you eat. It may not be the food itself; it may be the additives and preservatives that are included. With this thinking in mind you may be wondering what is MSG and why does it get such a bad reputation?

It’s hard to eat right but you want to think through what is contained within the foods that you eat just as much as the food itself. You will find that by reading labels more carefully you become much more in control over what you eat and can make more sound food choices. Though a food may sound simple or healthy enough, you may have no clue what is lurking beneath until you investigate further. This is the case when it comes to so many additives and preservatives, and even excess sodium or lurking sugar can add to the problem areas. If you want to protect your health and truly be your best, then you have to learn to be your own best advocate and learn what is within every food you eat.

The first question to ask yourself is what is MSG? Beyond that, you also want to consider just why this is so bad for you and why the risks aren’t worth it. This is an unusual preservative as it is believed to be safe, but many people will say otherwise.

It’s a food additive commonly used in Chinese food or canned vegetables: You have probably heard so much about MSG in Chinese food as it has been used for years in this capacity. Beyond that though you will also find that it can be found in other foods where you least expect it to be. One of the best examples of this is canned vegetables, where this additive may be present and quite common. You may also find it in soups or processed meats for flavoring, and so you have to evaluate and ask yourself if there are any potential risks that make this an undesirable food ingredient in your diet overall.

Some people may have a quick and short term negative reaction to this food additive: People who eat this food additive may often do so unknowingly and therefore may be shocked when they have a negative reaction to it. In the short term this may be felt as headaches, stomach upset, sweating, or a feeling of flushing over the face. This is the time when a lot of people start to wonder what is MSG and where exactly is it found. It’s natural and actually healthy to keep in touch with what sort of symptoms you may have, if any, and therefore you’ll know if you need to avoid this additive or if your body reacts to it properly. Any short term symptoms or side effects shouldn’t be ignored.

If consumed over the long term, this may cause some significant health complications: It’s hard enough to endure the symptoms in the short term, but if this continues over time it may lead to bigger problems. Though the government may deem this safe for consumption, you know if your body isn’t agreeing with that statement. Therefore, if you ignore the short term side effects it may lead to bigger problems such as heart palpitations and chest pain, numbness in certain parts of the body, and significant digestive problems.

Some people believe that food additives of any kind are simply not a good idea: There are plenty of people out there who believe that food additives of all kinds are just not a good idea. That may be up to you to decide for your own health, but know that this may be top of the list of those to avoid overall. Understanding what is MSG, how it works, and what potential side effects it may introduce can help you make good choices in your diet. Eating clean and healthy will always be best, and being on the lookout for such additives so as to avoid them can help you be your best.

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