5 Reasons Why White Flour Is Bad for You

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White Flour Is Bad for Your HealthWhite flour is grown using various chemicals. The refinement process for white flour removes the essential fiber and nutrients from it. This is one of the main reasons why white flour is bad for you. It should be consumed as infrequently as possible. Unfortunately, most of the snacks we eat are prepared with white flour. Let’s look at five reasons why white flour is bad for you.

Spike in Insulin Levels

White flour is a type of refined food. Refined food cannot be managed easily by the body in general. For the body to absorb it, the pancreas has to generate more insulin. Insulin, meanwhile, builds fat in the body to aid the management of refined foods. In short, eating an extensive quantity of white flour is the root cause of obesity. Unfortunately, white flour is used in many types of foods that people eat on a daily basis.

Clogging of the Intestines

Fiber is an indigestible element that simply passes through our intestines. However, fiber keeps the intestines clean. White flour, however, does not contain fiber at all. This is why white flour is very harmful for our intestines. In fact, it has the tendency to stick to the intestines. If consumed in large quantities, white flour can clog the intestines and cause further complications. Clogged intestines also slow down your metabolism.

White Flour Allergy

This is an allergy that does not develop instantly. You may be consuming white flour for years before you notice a white flour allergy. Nonetheless, it can be quite dangerous. The main cause of white flour allergies is the fact that white flour is chemically grown. There is not a single immediate symptom of this allergy, but you may notice the development of one more health conditions over time. The most common conditions associated with white flour allergies are asthma, insomnia, and even arthritis.

Cause of Chronic Disease

White flour is very harmful to the body. In fact, it can cause many ailments that are perceived to be associated with the aging process. Older individuals constantly consume a medicines to cure such ailments while the main culprit is actually white flour. Arthritis, skin wrinkling, cardiac diseases, and even cataracts may be caused by white flour.

Alkaline Balance of Body

There is an alkaline level in the body that is necessary to keep your acidity levels in check. White flour disrupts the alkaline-acid balance of the body. The acid in turn harms bones and joints.

White flour is bad for you and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, you should consider eating whole grain foods.

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